Courses by Neal Walters (BizTalk Consultant since 2004)

Udemy Courses

  1. Real World BizTalk 2020 for Developers This course covers the foundation of BizTalk, including Message-Based Routing, Send and Receive Ports, Business Rules, Maps, XSLT, and Orchestrations. The orchestrations scenarios go into great detail, showing patterns such as aggregation, sequential convoy, and parallel convoy.


    While most of the course applies to prior releases of BizTalk, it also covers two new features of BizTalk 2020:
    1. Ability to use Saxon XSLT 3.0 on a BizTalk map (there's a few gotchas to be aware of)
    2. Management Tracking - keep track of who changed what inside of BizTalk Admin Console


  2. SFTP Client/Server Deep Dive - Featuring OpenSSH Server and BizTalk This course should be available by May 19th. It teaches you how to set up an SFTP Server. Many BizTalk shops need to be able to send and receive files securely, and the old FTP was never secure. This courses show you to set up the Free OpenSSH server on both Windows 2019 and Linux (Ubuntu 20.04). It also gives a demo of a commercial product called CompleteFTP that handles FTP, FTPS, and SFTP. If you don't know the difference in those, the course has a video called "FTP Soup", which explains.


  3. The Complete Guide to XML for Microsoft Developers There is so much you can do with XML, even without BizTalk. This course covers tools that Microsoft developers use on a daily basis, and how they can work with XML. These include Visual Studio (C#), VSCode, PowerShell, and SQL Server (with SSMS and T-SQL). It includes an overview of how to work with XML using the free plugin for NotePad++, which can be used to check if XML is well-formed, can validate against a schema, and can comment or uncomment a block of text in XML. It also has a great format feature. The course includes explanations and example of the XSD schema, XPath, XQuery, and XSLT. Each of these are W3C standards, and have various versions. But often, Microsoft only supports the older standards. So the course also includes a good deal of information on Saxonica, or Saxon 9 HE (Home Edition). This is a third party tool with a an open source license.

YouTube Channel for "MrBiztalk"

Most of the original 2006 BizTalk Videos are on the YouTube channel "MrBizTalk' for free. 


My blog on BizTalk, PowerShell, and other related topics is: MyLifeIsMyMessage.net