Intro To EDI X12 Online Training Course

Course Overview

This course can take total beginners and make them comfortable with EDI/X12.
X12 is the EDI format used in North America, where as EDIFACT is used by Europe and non-North-American parts of the world. This course focuses only on X12.

List of Major Components

You will be learning how to format and read X12 EDI files using several different free tools.
The course will walk through example X12 implemention guides for the most commonly ued EDI messages, including ECommerce, Motor Carrier, and HIPAA.

For developers, I show you how to parse and build EDI in three popular languages: C#, Python, and NodeJS/JavaScript.

You can just watch the section for your favorite language, or of course, you do all three.

Ideal Student Description

The first half of this course is for anyone who wants to have a great overview of EDI and learn how to read and interpret it. This part would be good for managers, Quality Assurance team members, business analysts, and developers. The second part of the course is for programmers who already know one of the thee languages and need to know how process EDI.

You can watch the course preview and various free preview videos on the Udemy site:
Udemy EDI X12 Course Preview

Example From an Implementation Guide

The fragment above from an implementation guide describes the “BIG” or “Beginning Segment for an Invoice”. BIG01 is the date, BIG02 is the Invoice Number, BIG03 is another date, BIG04 is the Purchase Order Number. It’s a little vague why there are two dates, one is for the Invoice, and the other is for the Purchase Order. The Min/Max column tell you the minimum and maximum size for an EDI column, for example the PO number can be from 1 to 22 characters, and the Invoice is the same size.

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