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BizTalk Tutorials

  • 1-year online subscriptions for 37 hours of BizTalk Tutorials for 2006/R2 and/or 18 hours of BizTalk Videos for 2004.

  • Over 300 on-line BizTalk tutorials on how to use BizTalk with various adapters.

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Learning BizTalk is much easier by watching our BizTalk tutorials.  The videos are available online, anytime.  You can watch them over and over, as many times as you want. So if you want to learn BizTalk, check out the free sample tutorials above.

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Testimonial from Siva

Hi Neal: I am almost in the end of the First CD BizTalk training session. Before going further, just want to give some words about the training so far. I can tell in one word, the training is AWESOME!!!!…. Even I have been working in Microsoft world for 7 years, I really tried to learn BizTalk so many times but could not able to get the gist of it. After learning your video, I have picked up the whole concept in 2 hours time. It was so crisp and clear and to point. Thought of sharing my experience with you so that it will be useful for beginners to learn BizTalk. They are really the most valuable Biztalk tutorial videos that I have ever seen.


Testimonial from Mike

I was tasked with basically learning BizTalk (like yesterday) to do a project that has to get done by the end of March. I purchased the only book on the subject right now (Unleashed) and went through the first 5 chapters. I was despairing when I happened upon your web site. I’ve watched all of the free videos repeatedly while I impatiently wait for my CD which is on the way. You’ve done a fantastic job. I learned more from you in about two hours than I learned from 5 chapters of my book.

What I like most about your videos is that you cut to the chase. Books tend to be verbose. Sure I’d like to be an expert eventually but right now I just need know ramp up fast. Another thing I like is that your videos don’t seem overly rehearsed. Some might find this to be a detractor but I like it. If you make a mistake while doing something, I want to see it because I’m assuredly going to make that same mistake and making mistakes and learning from them is what actually makes someone an expert.

Keep up the good work and thanks.

Mike Hickman
Senior Programmer
Baylor Health Care System


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